Daily Archives: Thursday, January 10, 2008

  • MBA, Obama, and Water


    Today, I finally was able to register for LSUSMasters of Business Administration program.  I had to go to a stupid orientation that wasted 30 minutes of my life and then had to go across campus to a computer lab to waste another 30 minutes of my life where they showed people how to register.  I just needed them to unlock my Compass so I could register.  I’m not a retard so I knew which classes I wanted.

    Jenny is also starting the MBA program, though she is doing pre-requisites, so she was able to already register for her classes, and they made her go to it too.  We then went to get our new Pilot Cards made which took forever, and then to the bookstore to find out how ridiculously expensive books are.

    All in all, I paid a little over $1500 for school and $400 for books.  I hate school.


    Conservatives will believe almost anything that another one of their kind makes up about a non-conservative candidate, so it shouldn’t surprise me that people would believe absolutely fabricated lies about Obama‘s background as a "radical islamist" and things like that.

    Today at work, someone forwarded around that lie, so I did reply to all, and I set the record straight:

    That story about Obama is not true, even though it claims “We checked this out on "snopescom".”

    See the snopes article:


    Chris Benard

    Not surprising, I suppose.  I just get irritated by people spreading lies, especially when the lie even says it was verified by Snopes, which it obviously wasn’t.  People will actually believe these things without looking them up like I do.

    Shreveport Water

    Well, you know what they say about Shreveport: it’s a nice place to visit, but don’t drink the water.  We’re the new Mexico.  They don’t really say that, but they might now.  Today, we had a serious water situation.  It’s still not back to normal, and a boil advisory is still in effect.  I won’t be drinking city water for a long time.  Luckily, we have bottled water at work, and I have bottled water at home.

    Fatburger was closed when I went by today, and Moe’s was only serving bottled drinks.  Circle K wouldn’t sell ICEEs or fountain drinks.  All the children were sent home from school and won’t be returning tomorrow.  Lots of people are being affected by this, and it shows how serious of a problem it is to have a single water treatment facility.

  • Zero Gravity!

    After ice skating last week, Chris, Jen, and I were going to go to Dallas to The Galleria to go ice skating there on a better rink.  Jen sent me a link to a nearby place, where you can do all kinds of fun things that involve jumping from high altitudes, called Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park.

    Chris isn’t able to go, but Jenny is going to go with me this Saturday.  She doesn’t want to ice skate, but we’re hopefully going to be doing the 4 things that Zero Gravity offers.  I’ve been wanting to bungee jump since my skydiving trip, but there’s nowhere to do it locally.  Zero Gravity offers that and so much more.

    animated_bungee_small Bungee Jumping

    Bungee jumping is done from an Air Boingo tower. It is not a crane, but a seven-story permanent platform especially for bungee jumping. We have a triple safety system:

    • Super-elastic bungee cords – our bungee cords are so elastic they give you a ride that is much smoother than an ordinary rollercoaster ride.
    • Nylon safety backup straps – the safety straps are strong enough that they would catch you even with no bungee cord attached
    • A professional stuntman airbag underneath you – the air bag is rated for a fall even greater than the height of the tower

    Of course I’m going to do that, but in addition, they have something that looks even cooler!

    animated_net_big Nothin’ But Net

    Zero Gravity is proud to offer the ultimate thrill ride: Nothin’ But Net. This ride is the the tallest in the park at 16 stories high. We lift you to just below the top of the tower and then release you 100′ into a net below. That’s right – no bungee, no parachute, just you and the air. And the landing is smooth as silk.

    The patented release system insures that you land on your back – even if you try to twist or turn. The landing is so smooth you will hardly notice it. When you land there are actually two Nets, one under the other, and each corner has a safety backup.

    The Nothin’ But Net is the first ride of it’s kind in the DFW area!

    Additionally, these look fun: Skycoaster and Texas Blastoff.