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  • Last Weekend

    I normally don’t post “Dear blag, here’s how my life is going” posts, but I haven’t posted in a while, so I suppose one of those is better than none at all. Last weekend was pretty busy, so here goes.

    On Friday (10/19/2007), I helped Jenny move a bunch of heavy stuff from her old apartment to her new apartment. Marcos and Jordan are moving to Arizona or something, and so she is moving to a one bedroom loft type apartment. It’s two stories with a circular staircase thing like you only see in movies or TV shows. Anyway, we moved a couch from her stepdad and mom’s house, and it was a big jigsaw puzzle. I think it took us an hour and a half, four people, and several catastrophic wall gashes to get the thing out of the house.

    Getting it into the new apartment was a snap, though. Moving everything else was pretty easy, and I found out Jenny’s stepdad is a huge nerd! We so nerded out a bit about HDTVs, Linux, amperage, voltage, and some other stuff. I think Jenny might have been a bit embarassed. Later that night, we ate at Chili’s with Rachel and Mallory. I couldn’t order a drink because I had left my wallet, and thus ID, at home that day. Lame! I did see Rachel Hull there that night as well. She works as a waitress there on the weekend. I didn’t say anything to her because I hadn’t seen her since high school and I wasn’t sure if it was her. She Facebooked me though and she had recognized me as well, but didn’t say anything because I lost a bunch of weight since high school and she wasn’t sure if it was me. It’s not often I’m reminded I used to be a fattie, so that’s always nice.

    Later that night, we went to Jenny’s apartment to pick up a hoodie, Rachel’s apartment to get Jurassic Park and we went over to other Rachel and Emily‘s apartment and I met them. I was going to watch JP with Jenny and Rachel, but I would have just fallen asleep during the movie, as they apparently did, so I went home and went to sleep.

    Saturday, Courtney came to town, and we ate lunch after I finally woke up and did my English class reading journals at the last minute. Moe‘s nachos are great, fyi. Courtney went birthday gift shopping with Jenny and I for Brooke and Ashley‘s birthdays. I drove him back to my house, where his truck was, and then back to Macaroni Grill for the birthday dinner. I ordered a Bellini and a Tartini, but the waiter guy kept trying to get me to buy more drinks. I’m not sure why he wanted to get me drunk, except a larger tip, I suppose.

    After the dinner, we went to the corn maze! We got lost in it completely. We started off in one maze (Phase I) and ended up in another (Phase II). A corn cop we found finally rescued us. He seemed offended when I told him I was just bored after all that time. We waited about 40 minutes just to pay for a ticket, and it was cold outside! I was glad I wore a long sleeve shirt that night, even though I wore shorts. Ugh!

    After all the corn mazing, a bunch of us stopped for daiquiris at the place by What’s On Tap and we went back to Brooke and Ashley’s house to watch the end of the LSU/Auburn game (which LSU totally won although with great risk) and hang out. That was pretty fun, and afterward, I blew .043 on Jenny’s breathalyzer, from just one daiquiri! It was the Hurricane, in case anyone wonders.

    The best day was Sunday! Jenny, Rachel, Rachel, Emily, and I all went to Dallas in a Ford Focus and spent all day at Six Flags. I really really really really love roller coasters. I won’t bore the reader with other descriptions of the day at six flags, but I really love roller coasters. Have I mentioned that? Also, the teacups are awesome. Jenny might post pictures on her MySpace at some point and I’ll steal them then for mine.

    And, there you have the most trivial blog post I’ve ever made.