Monthly Archives: March 2007

  • MCTS and Some Other Stuff

    I am writing this post because of Jen. She pointed out that I haven’t blogged in forever. I thought it was worth posting though, if for nothing else than to show up Chris’ blogging abilities.

    I passed the Microsoft 70-536 and 70-528 tests. That means I’m MCTS certified on Web, Windows, and SQL Server 2005. Distributed is next.

    Also, LSUS (my college) is having an awards ceremony at 12PM on April 13th, 2006 and they’re awarding me two things. I’ve been selected as the “Outstanding CIS Student for the Academic Year”, and also I was on the Chancellor’s list for both semesters last year (3.8 or above or something). They’ve offered me the honor, so I’m going to honor their offer.

    Chris (same Chris as the non-blogging one) and I went to Circle K today for our daily ICEEs (can I pluralize it like that?). While the lady was scanning my card, I saw two little girls (roughly 12-14 years old) talking to Chris and I thought Chris was hitting on 12 year olds. After she scanned my card and Chris was waiting on his to be scanned (dial-up credit card processing), I walked over to find out why Chris was doing that. I was like “What’s funny?” since the girls were laughing, and they said it was that Chris has a Batman credit card and was wearing a Superman shirt and they thought his shoes were Batman shoes. Quickly they lost interest in that and started hitting on me saying they knew me and stuff and that she had a bunch of sisters and I used to go over one one of their houses a couple of years ago or something. I have no idea what she was talking about, but Chris and I left. Weird little girls. (Chris and I are 25 and 24 respectively at the time of this writing).

    Aside from those happenings, you should watch this video. It’s hilarious. I AM A SCIENTIST! For my nerd friends, Mike posted a video on PXE booting. You will probably enjoy that.

    I am going to take a vacation soon I think, since I have to use 2 weeks this year and I know I’ll use about 1 week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go to DFW and hang out with Mike and Courtney. Courtney got a Wii, and Wii would like to play.

    You’re welcome Jen. 🙂