Monthly Archives: August 2007

  • Best Summer Ever

    This has been the best summer ever. Summer usually sucks because it’s so hot and walking outside makes me feel like I’m melting. However, last month (July 2007), it rained 18 out of the 31 days and all the other days it was cloudy. This has to be the coolest July I’ve ever experienced in Shreveport, Louisiana.

    It’s made my front yard, which has always consisted of a majority of dirt and a minority of grass, reverse its trend and make it look like I pay attention to it. The mild temperature has also been very good for my power bill. Normally this time of year, it’s over $100, but I’ve been paying around $80 (average plan). I can only hope the weather stays this nice, but I don’t think the low pressure system that’s been hanging around will last forever; today was quite warm.

    [Update: Now (8/4/2007), it’s as hot as hell would be if it existed. I guess I should have known nice weather wouldn’t last in Louisiana.]

    In other news, I’ve been going to Fitness World and exercising for the past month. It made my muscles really sore at first, but only marginally sore now. I don’t know why I decided to exercise, but I guess it’ll make me live longer or something, and it just seems like a good thing to do. Fitness World’s website is their phone number. Who thought that was a good idea?

    I also plan on going skydiving the weekend after next. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions regarding that?

    New Television Shows I’m Watching


    I suggest everyone download and watch the only eight episodes ABC released of Traveler. They canceled it before I had even heard about it, but the eight episodes out there make for awesome television. Traveler is about two roommates framed for a terrorist act they didn’t commit. It has lots of twists in it, and you’ll be hooked 15 minutes into the pilot. My coworker points out how he’d do things differently and complains about how they don’t run away well enough and other little shallow points instead of just enjoying the show. If you decide to watch it, suspend your disbelief, sit back, and enjoy the suspense and thrill instead of trying to analyze every frame and pick it apart. You’ll be glad you did.


    Also, I’m watching another show that’s not quite as awesome, but looks like it has some promise. It’s called Damages and it features a “do whatever it takes” lawyer lady, and she really does whatever it takes. I don’t want to say more, because it would ruin it, but it’s definitely worth it to watch the pilot of that. I’m going to watch the second episode tonight.

    Don’t forget to comment on the skydiving idea.