Monthly Archives: September 2007

  • Fire, Food, and Friends

    Hibachi GrillingTonight was Joey‘s birthday dinner. He and a friend, who I will mention later, were celebrating the same night at a Japanese restaurant named Kobe. After the food and tip, it cost me $30. Chris and Jen went with me. Jen has already written a blog post about the night. I knew it would be pretty expensive before I went, but it was Joey’s birthday, so I reluctantly went. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t go there very often because of the price, but it was definitely worth it. The performance was spectacular and our chef, Patrick, was very entertaining. I was disappointed when the show ended. It seemed like it went too quickly, but he made a lot of food.

    He even gave us pieces of all the different types of food, even food we didn’t order. As a result, I got to sample pretty much everything on their menu, including the chicken, shrimp, steak, sliced sirloin steak, vegetables, sauces, tea, and the excellent fried rice. The tea was gross, but the food was really good.

    Courtney had told me that sake was gross, so I didn’t order any when Joey and Graham asked if I was going to get some. However, they got a little bottle and Graham offered me some, so I tried it. Sake is very potent. It tasted like slightly flavored alcohol. It didn’t taste “gross” or even bad really; it just didn’t taste that great. It was nice to try, but I doubt I’d ever order it.

    One interesting thing did happen, though. We had a very nice waitress that was waiting on us and filling our drinks, but then about an hour and a half into the meal, this very weird man came over, and instead of asking us what our drinks were to refill them, he seemed like he was trying to intuit it. I nicknamed him “The Drink Psychic” because he seemed like he was trying to read our minds or something. He was a very odd individual, and without a recording, I don’t think I could quite describe him in words. Suffice it to say, he was very odd.

    That was the first time I have ever been to one of those showy Japanese restaurants where they make the food in front of you. The food itself isn’t worth the money, but the show is, if you only go every once in a while.