Wedding and Ice Skating!

Wedding and Ice Skating!

Today, at 3 PM at the Randle T. Moore Center, Joey and Natalie got married!  I got to witness it all, and it’s pretty weird to think about "Natalie Wall", but I’m extremely happy for them both.  I’m sure I’ll add pictures to this post later when I have some.  I didn’t bring my camera, but there were plenty there.  I wore fancy clothes that I never wear, so that’s always fun, but those fancy shoes hurt my back a lot.

I helped mess up Joey’s car and that was a lot of fun and then we didn’t get to throw anything at them!  They only had bubbles!  I wanted to hit Joey with rice really hard!  Oh well.  I think they’re going to Rexburg, Idaho now for a gathering with Natalie’s family or something.

Shreveport Ice Rink After the wedding, for which the reception ended around 7:15 PM, Chris, Jen, and I went ice skating downtown.  That was fun?  I’m not sure, really.  I thinkIce Skating Fake Action Shot I had fun, but I also got cold and wet.  Overall, I guess it was fun.  Chris did really well, because he has rollerbladed a lot.  Jen and I sucked hard at it.  It’s a lot easier when you go faster though.  I fell a couple of times because I tried to go too fast and the first time I fell on my butt and my wallet pressed into my ass and my ass still hurts from it.  Ouch.

The second time I fell was because a little kid was going the wrong way and we had an unavoidable (due to my lack of control over direction) collision and I fell on my knee that time and did a nice little twirl around my knee that looked like a trick one might do on purpose, if not for getting wet at the same time.  That little kid tried to make me run into him again, but the second time as we were about to collide, I just picked him up.  That cracks me up.  So instead of us colliding, it was just me taking him in the direction I was going until he could get his footing again and then I put him back down and he almost fell again!  He pretty much just fell from place to place on the ice.  It was cute.

Update: Jen blogged about our adventure too.

I’d also like to point out that Seth blogged again, thanks in no small part to Windows Live Writer.  It’s an amazing tool, and I’d really recommend it to everyone that blogs.

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