Emergency Command Hologram

Emergency Command Hologram

Q Update: As pointed out by Jen, Q is actually much cooler than Wesley.  I apologize.

Emergency Command Hologram (ECH) I love the Emergency Medical Hologram from Star Trek: Voyager.  Played by Robert Picardo, he is probably my favorite Star Trek character from any Star Trek, save possibly Wesley Crusher, played by Wil Wheaton.  I’m big into Star Trek, and most people won’t care about this post, but I went to the trouble of editing and cutting out the ECH part of Voyager episode 6×04 – Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy and posting it on YouTube for everyone to see.  It’s below.

I was reminded of how awesome he is from a very inaccurate and completely incorrect article Courtney sent me via del.icio.us.  In case anyone has forgotten how awesome the ECH is, especially during his transformation from EMH to ECH, watch the video.  You can also subscribe to my delicious or Courtney’s delicious to keep track of links we find interesting.  In case you’re wondering what I find so awesome, it’s his transition from medical teal to command red and then the appearance of his captain pips after he activates the ECH.

The source for most of the things I linked for Star Trek, Memory Alpha, is the best source for all things Star Trek and is an amazing community-powered resource.  For your viewing pleasure, an EMH music video remix is after the break.

I’m a Doctor – The EMH (Music Video Compilation)

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