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  • Chase Visa Fraud

    I just got a call from the Chase fraud computer voice. He told me that somebody had just charged my card about $250 to a clothing website called He asked if it was me and I kept pressing zero so I could talk to a person. I knew if I said it wasn’t me that they would just close my card and send me a new one in about a week more or less.

    I finally got a person (in India of course), and she told me that not only had they charged that to my card, but also $1.00 to Apple’s iTunes store on February 25th. I didn’t even see that show up in my online activity today on Chase’s web site, so I assume they deactivated the charge when they figured out it was fraud. I assume the Apple charge was to test the card for validity.

    I told the lady that a week was unacceptable, because I put everything on that Chase Freedom card. I told her I needed it tomorrow. She obliged without any complaint; she said it will be here tomorrow via UPS and I will have to sign for it. I told her that’s no problem since I work from home.

    Kudos to Chase for their aggressive, accurate anti-fraud algorithms and their customer service relating to shipping out a card overnight upon request.