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  • Weekend Movie Reviews

    I watched three movies this weekend. On Friday, I watched Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (hereafter known as “Borat“), on Saturday, I watched Jesus Camp, and today, I watched Casino Royale. I have been doing a lot of homework for my various classes and continuing education classes, not to mention work, so I deserved this break. Partly for me, and partly for Google, I will give my short reviews of each.


    BoratBoratAbout two months ago, my previous roommate Courtney Malone signed up for MySpace so he could catch an advanced screening of Borat. He lives in a real city now, so that’s the reason this was possible. He reviewed it on his blog at that time. He basically spent the entire time bitching about MySpace and how he hates it, but he did write these few sentences.

    Though I was initially concerned that the movie would be a 2 hour skit that should have been 5 minutes (like every episode of SNL for the past 3 years), it ended up being pretty damned funny. Think Team America: World Police funny, not West Wing funny. The neat thing about the movie is that a many of Borat’s interactions are with unwitting members of the general public.

    I totally agree with that part of that paragraph, but I disagree with the rest of his post about MySpace. Borat was very funny. I also thought it would be like an SNL skit that went too long, but it wasn’t. There is a part where he is speaking in tongues, which I found hilariously awesome considering I’m a former pentecostal of the Assemblies of God church, and I too was “baptized in the holy spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues”. He talks about his new friend “Mister Jesus”. The whole movie is hilarious, but they didn’t have the volume up loud enough and everyone is constantly laughing so it was hard to hear some of the things.

    If you’re looking for a good laugh for an hour and a half, go see Borat. High five!

    Jesus Camp

    Jesus CampJesus CampJesus Camp is a very disturbing look at a specific pentecostal religious camp and then evangelical Christians in general. Pastor Ted haggard (of gay hooker and meth fame) is also featured in the movie saying that homosexuals are wrong. How ironic. He has also criticized the film, even though it is very even handed. The creators have posted a response to him. I can imagine my parents would also love this movie because they would see it as Christianity on the march. If you are an atheist or otherwise a free-thinker and you are apathetic towards religion, please go see this movie. The evangelicals are trying to take over this country, and so far, they’re doing a good job of it.

    I must admit, there were several parts in the movie where I winced, reminded of my own childhood. It’s amazing what they can do to kids and convince them that speaking in tongues (otherwise known to the scientific community as glossolalia) is a gift from the “holy spirit”. One girl said it’s great to be like a real warrior for God, “only funner”. One pastor at the camp asked, “How many of you kids are ready to give up your life for God?” Almost all of them enthusiastically raised their hands at once. We’re raising a nation that is 25% (percentage of evangelical Christians in the US) terrorists. I’m telling you, this movie really scared me. I can only hope they’ll wake up as I did.

    Casino Royale

    Casino RoyaleCasino RoyaleThis was the best movie I saw this weekend, although Jesus Camp was a close second. It is everything that a Bond movie is supposed to be. It has tons of action, an amazing opening chase sequence, beautiful girls, tons of twists, and an amazing cast.

    Speaking of cast, everyone is gone, with the exception of Judi Dench as M. Nobody appears as Q, Bond is now played by Daniel Craig, and there is a new Moneypenny of course, played by Eva Green.

    There is no longer just sexual tension between bond and Moneypenny. Well, there is, but then later, there’s just sex. Bond is even going to leave MI6 for her. I won’t spoil the ending, but it is worth noting that this is a prequel of the entire series. Regardless of the Moneypenny story, she is very attractive in this movie and I enjoyed that personal storyline. It was a lot more involved than most Bond girl storylines. Casino Royale was the first James Bond book, and he has just been given 00 status.

    That movie was so awesome. I’m sure I’ll watch it again soon. I didn’t think that new creepy looking Bond would be good, but I warmed to him immediately. Poor Pierce; I’ve already forgotten him.

    If you’d like to see scenes from the movie and hear the awesome theme song for this one (complete with the gun barrel shot), here’s the video from YouTube.

    The new Bond and the Bond girls
    The new Bond and the Bond girls (Moneypenny is on the left)