Daily Archives: Saturday, August 19, 2006

  • I’m Sitting In A FEMA Trailer

    I came down to Metairie, Louisiana for the New Oreleans Secular Humanist Association. In case you’re not familiar with it, here is an article on Humanism. Dell Brennan, one of the founding members of the Shreveport Atheists to which I belong, was coming down here to the meeting and also to her daughter’s husband’s 50th birthday.

    We ate at Louie’s Cafe in Baton Rouge on the way, thanks to MapPoint 2006 and a Holux GM-210 receiver. I really love Louie’s Cafe. If you’re ever going to be in Baton Rouge, please eat there, a lot.

    I was going to stay with my friend Mike in Baton Rouge, but he had a family emergency and that fell through. However, I was able to fall back on staying in this FEMA trailer. The trailer is in the yard of the daughter’s house, and they would be living in it so their house could be demolished and rebuilt, but FEMA hasn’t given the family an appropriately sized trailer. She is disabled and the doors are too narrow in this one. Good old FEMA. They’re pretty bad at managing federal emergencies.

    However, in Metairie, they have EV-DO aka. Power Vision service on Sprint, so I have pretty fast internet access here. Here is a link to the pictures that I’ve uploaded to my Flickr. Check them out if you want to see what a FEMA trailer looks like from the inside and outside or if you want to see Jesus and I together.

    For what the FEMA trailer is, and this is one of the better FEMA trailers, it’s actually pretty nice. It has a queen sized bed in a bedroom not much larger than the mattress, four bunkbeds in the back, and a full kitchen (stove, refrigerator, freezer, sink), bathroom with a tiny shower, cable hookups for TVs, a sofa, and a little table at which I’m typing this. It seats four.

    I have this trailer to myself tonight, and it’s like a really small apartment. The air conditioner is extremely loud when it turns on, and it turns on without notice. You will be sitting there and then get totally startled when it turns on. The bathroom is really small. That will be interesting tomorrow morning. When I went through the door to the bedroom for the first time, I hit my head. I think the doorways are 6′ and I’m 6’3″. However, I was able to find a nice techno/dance station on the radio here. I listened to it for quite awhile.

    Right now, while writing this, I’m watching The Colbert Report on my notebook. I downloaded several episodes to my notebook before leaving, along with The Daily Show. If there are errors due to me watching that, please comment and I’ll fix them. I just wanted to get a post out there before I get too lazy to do it.