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  • Mothers Against Noise

    Cranky Old Lady Who Hates Music
    Cranky old lady who hates music
    Mothers Against Noise is a group of old women that seek the elimination of all music they deem to be “noise”. You may ask, “What is ‘noise’?”

    Noise is music that uses unpleasant or painful or extremely loud or discordant sound. Noise is also a very dangerous musical trend that is hell bent on destroying civilized culture, this anti-cultural movement is quickly sweeping the globe, and is very dangerous to our youth.

    Everything on her “site” is “hell bent” on destroying america. She even invokes 9/11 as rationale for invading the foreign territory of popular culture, forgetting that she was once young. Naturally, Mothers Against Noise is trying to mobilize parents to inspect the music collections of their children and summarily destroy selected evil artists’ CDs such as Radiohead, Andrew WK, and Merzbow. What the hell is Merzbow, and where is Marilyn Manson in that list?

    This cranky old lady isn’t the best writer in the world, as evidenced in a few choice passages:

    Many will say even if some of the lyrical content of noise is not offensive, but ultimately it doesn’t matter because it is usually effected with a lot of well… effects and you cant tell what they are saying anyways. Then answer me this, if it doesn’t matter then why aren’t they singing about birds and waterfalls and living in a wonderful world??

    In this post 9-11 world we have to fight harder and smarter than our enemies. We must arm our self with knowledge and seek to shine light where there is only darkness.

    These people hide behind the guise of “artistic creativity” while in reality they are out to destroy any trace of art.(How contradictory is that folks?)

    I mean, what IS the deal?? And who do I talk to about airline food?

    She asks for stories from parents, and as far as I can tell on this one-page “site”, she has one horribly concerned parental story:

    It comes with a lyric sheet of some of the most horrid descriptions of pedophilia and fantisies of sex with AIDS patients.

    Right now I amvery upset and do not know what to do. I do not want my son to become a pervert. I do not know how he got interested in this stuff at all. And I thought Marylin Manson was the sickest thing around.

    Ahh, there Marilyn is!

    The noise scene is also structured a lot like terrorist organizations, they work in small numbers with no clear leader and work feverishly on their ‘music’ often self releasing cds and records (I might add if you heard most of this stuff, youd see why). This makes our job a lot harder since we do not have a handful of larger record companies to boycott or pressure.

    Poor her.

    “M. Smith” invites you to email her or join her yahoo group to discuss “some of the biggest offenders conspiring to destroy the souls of our youth.“. I suggest you do; we must protect our children from the terrible secret.

    [Thanks to Cat for the link.]