• A Lesson in How Not to Conduct Website Security

    Louisiana Tech just sent me a “reminder” email with my full username and password in there. That information is everything necessary to logon to the school student portal and get the rest of my personal information, full school transcript, etc.

    Not only do I not like them emailing my password, I don’t like that they even know my password. They should be using hashes instead. They’re doing it incorrectly.

    Here is the full email (user/pass redacted):

    Subject: Reminder
    TO: <[]>
    Date: Thu, 11 Feb 10 12:35:23 CST    
    From: <[email protected]>
              Your BOSS PIN is: XXXXXX
              Your CWID number is: 100XXXXXX

    I sure wish they’d protect these numbers for me instead of emailing them to me every quarter.