It’s Really Hot… Inside

It’s Really Hot… Inside

Yesterday, it got up to 93 degrees (Fahrenheit) in our office and I actually started sweating. Now I know how Joan of Arc felt when she was being burned alive at the stake. The air conditioner went out Tuesday (6/30/2009) and they just got the part(s) in today (7/2/2009) to fix it. What follows is what I like to believe is at least a good a version as Boston Globe’s Big Picture of our harrowing experience.

89 at One End of the Hall

92 at the Other End of the Hall

It's really hot

All Kinds of Fans at the Other End of the Hall

Dave's Fan

The "King of Fans" (brand name)

Now I’ve gotten my pictures out to the world at large. It is similar to what the Iranians are having to do since the election. Thanks Pete Hoekstra!

Author: Chris Benard

Chris Benard is a software developer in the Dallas area specializing in payments processing, medical claims processing, and Windows/Web services.