What Are These Ugly Bugs in Shreveport?

What Are These Ugly Bugs in Shreveport?

Ugly Bug

Update 2: The local news covered it.  More gross!

Update: Kevin Messenger, my coworker, commented and said that they are Mayflies!  Gross!

What are all these ugly bugs in Shreveport? They were all over our stairs this morning, completely covering them at work.  Jenny’s girlfriend said that when she was crossing the bridge into Bossier City,Ugly Bug the bridge was covered with them.

What are they? They’re ugly and they were acting like they were dying on the stairs, flapping their little wings.  I’m creeped out by them.  What is this fuzzy bugEverybody knows birds can’t talk.


Author: Chris Benard

Chris Benard is a software developer in the Dallas area specializing in payments processing, medical claims processing, and Windows/Web services.