I’m Not Quite Dead Yet

I’m Not Quite Dead Yet

Yeah, so beside that last blog post about Wal-Mart that I just published, I had not blogged since February 8, 2006. That’s quite a long time to go without explicating my thoughts or the reasons for not sharing them. Let me now tell you why I had not been sharing anything lately in an unordered list:

  • School

So yeah, that’s basically it. I was taking 18 hours of school while working 40 hours per week. Add on the time necessary to complete all the co-requisite homework, papers, and preparation, and that leaves little time for me to have any leisure besides the occasional television program (American Idol and LOST).

Spring 2006 GradesMy Grades
I’m happy to report the following for my grades this semester:

  • University 200: Credit (This was a pass/fail course)
  • Computer Science 230: A
  • ISDS 350: A
  • Chemistry 124: A
  • English 325: A
  • Marketing 301: A
  • Average: A (4.00)

I should be on the Chancellor’s list again, so I’m happy. Also, I was awarded a scholarship from Bowman Systems through the LSU-S College of Sciences. It’s only $500 per semester for two semesters (and I can apply again), but that will help a lot since it’s all coming out of my pocket.

I’m now out of school on Summer break for a couple of weeks until my Summer classes start. The load should be much lighter and I should be able to blog more often, assuming I have things to blog about.

[Note: By exploiting the Law of Time Spent With Josh, I was able to only meet with Josh on two occasions during this semester. The Law of Time Spent With Josh states that the amount of time spent with Josh Hale is inversely proporational to the percentage grade I receive in my classes. That is to say that if I spend a lot of time with Josh, I fail. A moderate amount of time: C, and almost no time at all: A. Thus, by using past observations and inductive reasoning, I can deduce that this is surely causation and not just correlation.]

Author: Chris Benard

Chris Benard is a software developer in the Dallas area specializing in payments processing, medical claims processing, and Windows/Web services.