School Time Again (Yay!)

School Time Again (Yay!)

School is fun. There. I said it; get over it. Toward the end of each semester, it feels like time slows to a halt, right up until finals. That is pretty much the only time I’m not enthused. Sure, there are subjects I like more than others, of which Computer Science and Chemistry are prime examples. Sure, there are teachers I like more than others (Critcher, White, Cvek, Weeks). The simple fact is that school keeps me busy, and that’s what I need.

I work every single day 8am-5pm, and 9am-5pm during school time, and after I get off work, I need something to do. I go to friends’ houses every now and then. I can usually find things to do on the weekend as well, but all the rest of that time I spend reading, on the computer, or watching TiVo. That’s fine, up to a point, but I get bored easily and I enjoy having school to take all of my time.

When I finally do finish a degree, I am pretty sure I’m going to do a Master’s, so that should keep me busy for awhile, but after that, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I may become a career student and keep racking up degrees. 😉 I just want to move! I’m tired of Shreveport and the lack of things to do. I need to see the world! In lieu of that, I at least need to see the country.

I had ISDS350 this morning, and I only know one person, Charles, so I talked to him. Tonight, in English 325, I didn’t know anyone, so I started talking to some people I’d never met, Sarah and Craig. It turned out they’re both really cool. We’re going to voluntarily be in a group together in that class to work on what I believe to be an instruction manual. I asked the teacher to put another guy, who she said was a good writer, in our group with us, as I believed it to be a mutual advantage. We’re awesome, and he’s a good writer. To my astonishment, she agreed.

This should be an awesome semester, indeed. New friends, new classes, new subject material, and lots of things to keep me busy. Yes, that was a sentence fragment. Don’t tell my English teacher 😉

Author: Chris Benard

Chris Benard is a software developer in the Dallas area specializing in payments processing, medical claims processing, and Windows/Web services.