Bad Phone, Good Phone

Bad Phone, Good Phone

My stupid Motorola Q died, so I had to send it off to Motorola, since it’s still under warranty from them and I didn’t buy Sprint’s stupid warranty.  It wasn’t really that big of a deal, and I wasn’t even that upset to pay them shipping.  They said in the instructions to send no accessories, including batteries, headsets, etc, so I made sure not to do so.  Apparently, however, the battery cover is an accessory, and they deemed it unnecessary to send it back to me.  I now hate Motorola.

Samsung A900M In the absence of the Motorola Q smart device, I switched back to using a non-smart Samsung A900M.  I’ve grown to appreciate the feel of a tiny little phone that has all the functionality I need.  I think I’m going to sell the Moto Q on eBay when I get a battery cover back from them.  I’ve yet to call them, because I hate dealing with Moto Customer Service, and I’m sure I’m going to end up having to buy a new one or something.  The lesson of that story is to buy Sprint’s ripoff insurance when you get an expensive phone.

That would be the end of the story, except tonight, I dropped my phone on the ground outside when I went to my parents house, spent a while there, left, and then realized that I didn’t have my phone.  Driving up to my parents driveway again, I saw my phone blinking there in the driveway (SMS and Voicemail alert).  It had been raining the whole night, so my phone had gotten a good drenching, and the thing just kept on working.  I just can’t believe how many times I’ve dropped that little phone and gotten it wet, and it just stands up to my unwarranted abuse.  Good job, Samsung.  Motorola, tsk tsk.

Author: Chris Benard

Chris Benard is a software developer in the Dallas area specializing in payments processing, medical claims processing, and Windows/Web services.